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    NIC-CERT Division, is the nodal arm of National Informatics Centre for managing the cyber security incidents in NIC. NIC-CERT shall act as a single point of contact and co-ordinate with concerned stakeholders for cyber security incidents targeted at NIC Infrastructure. NIC-CERT shall undertake measures to issue periodic threat intelligence, Security Alerts/tips and advisories to safe guard NIC’s assets against cyber threats.


    To facilitate a safe and secure cyber space environment for Users of NIC Services, by providing timely cyber threat intelligence, advisory and best practice, so as to proactively ward off malicious attacks or threats targeted at National Informatics Centre.


    NIC-CERT was established with the mission of collectively leading and coordinating the cyber security incident response and to strengthen the cyber security posture of National Informatics Centre. The core mission activities of NIC-CERT includes:

    • To co-ordinate and respond to Cyber Security incidents happening in NIC.
    • To provide Intelligence or advisory on the prevailing Cyber Threats and vulnerabilities, for proactively securing NIC’s network and assets.
    • To co-ordinate with CERT-IN, NCIIPC and other stakeholders for Cyber Security Incident and other security related activities.
    • To Establish and Maintain a centralized Log Management system for NIC.
    • To Maintain a Knowledge base of Cyber Security Incidents handled by NIC-CERT.
    • To undertake capacity building activities to augment in-house cyber capability, skills and expertise.

    How to Avail

    Contact Security Division Support team

    Helpdesk : 1800 111 555

    Contact Details

    Contact Person Name : Security Division Support

    Phone Number : 1122902400

    Email : incident[at]nic-cert[dot]nic[dot]in

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