Video Conferencing

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    Multimedia Systems Lab of National Informatics Centre, one of the Pioneers in the field of Multimedia Technology and Applications, was established in September 1992 with the vision of providing low cost Multimedia solutions to the Government of India. This Lab has been reorganized as Multimedia Engineering and Facilities Division or Videoconferencing Division to provide & maintain NIC Videoconferencing Services. The division also has the following areas of responsibilities:-

    Provide videoconferencing services to President of India,Prime Minister of India,Union Ministers,Governors,Chief Ministers,Cabinet Secratary,Secrataries to Government of India, Chief Secretaries and other Government Officials of Central and State Governments.

    In the field of Videoconferencing since 1995, the technical expertise of Videoconferencing Division is unmatched in the country. Videoconferencing division has also setup a network of 1600+ Videoconferencing sites over NICNET located at States and District HQ all over Country.

    How to Avail

    Contact VC Coordinator

    Helpdesk : 1800 111 555

    Contact Details

    Contact Person Name : VC Coordinator

    Phone Number : 1800111555

    Email : vc-support[at]nic[dot]in

    URL :